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From "GO" to "WOAH"

Complete Web Sites
  • Web Design and Layout
  • Graphics Design
  • Logo/Corporate Identity Creation
Microsoft and Linux based websites are supported

Need us to Host Your Domain?
Neon Internet has its own Central Data Centre to provide a home for your Site
Web sites from just $899
Web Dev
Need and E-Commerce Site?
Tell us how to Bring your Business to the World
What’s The Process?
  • Why you want a Web Site
  • What you want your Web Site to achieve
  • Who you’re targeting
  • If need e-commerce
  • If you’ve checked out your competitors
  • What you do and don’t like about Web Sites
  • If you have a particular look in mind
  • If you need a new logo
We’ll visit and work with you to understand how your business works and how it can be built into your site. Once this is done and we know what you’ll need, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive quote so you’ll know exactly what it’ll take to get you a running start.

Web Dev
The Design of your site begins once you say “Go”. We’ll develop and present you with a “Design Concept” which forms the basic look. You’ll then have the chance to have input of the final appearance to the site.
The Construct begins after we receive your approval of the design concept. All web sites constructed are built to current web development standards by employing “best practices”; cross platform/ browser compatibility, W3C (World Wide Web consortium) guidelines, the correct use of include files and style sheets, accessibility, standardised page layout, effective / consistent use of Object Linking and Embedding (OLE).
Go Live! As you’ll find out in the original meeting – you’ll need a registered “Domain Name”, like – This is how people will know you on the Internet. Think of it like the address to your home. Once your Domain Name is registered, you will need a place for your website to live. This is like your own piece of Internet real estate. It’s called “Web Hosting”. Web Hosting keeps all the physical data of your site. If Web Hosting were your house, then all the different pages and data would be like all the different rooms and furniture.
Organising all of this can be a major hassle. Our Neonet partner can do all of this for you. Think of us like your Internet Real Estate Agent.
The end cost will rely on the complexity of your website and particular requirements.